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Top tips for marketing after lockdown

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Whether you’ve carried on trading or have had to close your doors, life after lockdown will be a turning point for small businesses across the UK. Communicating with customers will be one of the keys that unlocks a successful future.

As we begin to move out of lockdown, marketing will have a vital role to play. Even if you’re not able to operate your business as normal right now, there are still things you can communicate to remove uncertainty – and set yourself up for success longer-term.

Stay clear, calm and confident

The removal of restrictions will be an uncertain time for your customers too. Calm their nerves with clear, concise and confident messaging. Keep the dialogue flowing.

Use all of your marketing channels to communicate important information about how and when you are reopening. Share any changes to your services. Update your new business hours – and highlight precautions that you’re taking to provide additional comfort.

Your customers might not be ready to start purchasing yet, but keeping in touch with them maintains an important connection – and reassures them you’ll be ready when they are.

Show empathy and transparency

Be mindful of what everyone is still going through. Support your audiences, don’t sell to them. Your messaging will be much more successful if it isn’t a promotional sales pitch.

If you can, be open about your own challenges as well. Customers will appreciate your honesty, feel closer to the changes you’ve had to make to your business, and adjust their expectations more quickly.

Keep relevant and topical

As lockdown restrictions ease, make sure your marketing keeps pace with the changes that are impacting your customers' needs.

If you’re unsure what to say, create an online survey to find out what your target audiences need most from you and what you can do to help. This will help you hit the right note and build more authentic connections with your customers.

Find a relatable tone of voice

The removal of lockdown restrictions will be a balancing act between hope and caution. Reflect that in the language you’re using.

Be positive, friendly and confident – but also alert to the risks that remain. This applies to the images you use too. Visuals are just as powerful as words, so make sure the imagery you use is aligned to the latest guidelines around social distancing, wearing masks, and washing your hands.

Plan for the future

While the outlook varies greatly by industry, it’s a good idea for every business owner to look ahead to what the ‘new normal’ might mean for their customers.

Life after lockdown could be drastically changed for your target audiences. Take a moment to think carefully about what your customers' new buying behaviours and habits might mean for your marketing. Try and figure out what messaging will be most impactful and relevant.

Any forward planning you put into place now can only make your marketing stronger in the future. From the beginning, it feels like everyone has been one step behind the pandemic. Make the most of this opportunity to get one step ahead.

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