Emergency fund calculator

An emergency fund is money you save and put aside to cover a financial shock. This could be losing your job, or an unexpected expense such as fixing a broken boiler.

It can give you peace of mind and prevent you needing to take on debt.

How much do I need?

Ideally, 6 months’ essential expenses – for example, rent or mortgage, utility bills and groceries. If you’re just starting out, you could set a smaller target – such as 3 months’ essential expenses – to begin with. Any emergency fund is better than nothing, so don’t be discouraged.

Emergency fund calculator

Find out how quickly you could build up your emergency fund.

How many months essential expenses do you want to cover with your emergency fund?

Average monthly essential outgoings

Current emergency savings

Monthly savings


Emergency fund amount required


Extra savings required


Months remaining to target


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And don't forget to take a screenshot or print your emergency fund goal to help you stay on track.

Next steps

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Everyday budgeting

Building good financial habits

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Growing your money

Making your money work harder

Emergency fund in good shape? Now could be a good time to consider investing.

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