HSBC UK's Technology team

Roland Emmans
Head of UK Technology Sector & Growth Lending

Roland is a career banker, but not of the traditional mould. He is a big fan of psychology, and how human beings interact with each other and technology. Roland spends a lot of time cutting through ‘Buzz words’ of what tech change really means to us here and now, and in the medium term.

Roland heads up HSBC UK’s Technology Sector & Growth Lending, helping growing businesses from start-ups to large quoted multinationals. He is a 25 yrs.+ career banker having worked in a wide range of roles and geographies, for the last 12 years he has focussed purely on the tech sector. Roland jokes that he spends much of his time translating what tech firms do into a language banks can understand.

Roland is aware he is very lucky to get to meet more than 200 innovative tech firms per year, getting to hear the inside story, giving him a big network and broad perspective on the sector. Whatever else is happening, one thing stays the same – the rapidly growing presence of tech in every aspect of modern life. The embrace of digital transformation across every sector is spurring enormous growth in Technology firms, which are starting up, scaling up and expanding at pace.

Danielle Hook
Director, UK Technology Sector & Growth Lending

Danielle thrives on being immersed in the ever changing, fast paced technology ecosystem.  She feels privileged to have the opportunity every day to connect with a huge variety of tech businesses from start-ups through to listed international businesses.  She loves gaining great insight into the opportunities and challenges that arise for tech business with big ambitions, whilst connecting with some of the brightest innovators, who are increasingly shaping the world and the way we do business.

Before moving into the Technology & Growth Lending team, Danielle has worked in the banking sector for the past 10 years in leveraged finance supporting private equity funds and the businesses they invest in.  Prior to that she spent 10 years in the professional services sector at Deloitte, mostly in Corporate Finance advising businesses and investors on M&A and fund raising.  She is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Banker.

Away from the office Danielle is a fitness fan with a passion for Pilates and any sports on snow or water which she enjoys with her two teenage children.

To find out more about how our Technology team could help your business, email Roland or Danielle and they will arrange a time to speak.

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