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Making a business lending appeal

At HSBC we’re keen to provide financial support to businesses by lending to them responsibly. If you have applied for business lending which we’ve been unable to approve, you can ask for the decision to be reviewed using our declined lending appeals process. We will make sure that all appropriate information was correctly factored into our original decision

Lending appeal guidelines

You are able to use this appeals process in the following circumstances:

  • We are not prevented from lending to you, for example for legal or regulatory reasons or due to economic or trade sanctions
  • Your existing lending is not already subject to formal demand or enforcement or legal proceedings
  • You have submitted a formal lending application
  • Your appeal relates to a lending application declined within the previous 30 days
  • Your annual group turnover is less than £25m
  • You requested lending facilities for a period of more than 45 days

Please note: This process should not be used for enquiries or objections to the proposed costs of agreed lending (such as interest rates, fees and costs) or the standard terms and conditions HSBC attaches to such lending.

The quickest route for your appeal to reach our appeals team is to complete and submit a Business Lending Appeal online application.

Alternatively, you can complete a Business Lending Appeal form in your own time - either by printing and filling it in by hand, or by entering your information directly into the PDF form and then printing it.

Please take your completed form to your local Branch.

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